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1. Cancellations of Public Sessions and Availability

We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel a session due to insufficient booking numbers or unforeseen circumstances. We will contact you as soon as possible should this occur. If a public session has not received bookings and a private event request is received, the public session may also be cancelled. 

If you are interested in and want to attend a specific public session, we strongly recommend booking in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Seats for our sessions can fill up quickly and we may only have limited number of seating still remaining. Due to limited supplies available and as we prepare for bookings based on booking numbers, we may not be able to accomodate additional attendees. 


If you are booking for a larger group or if your group members are booking separately, we highly recommend contacting us prior to booking via email at for seating availability to ensure we can accomodate for everyone.

2. Bookings Process

All bookings for public sessions must be made, prior to attending, via our website, with the exception of bookings using gift vouchers. There is no option to book over the phone, social media, via email or at the studio in person and we do not accept deposit payments or seat holds for public sessions. We are currently not accepting walk-ins. 

3. Public Sessions Schedule

Our public sessions will operate at the allocated times listed on our website ONLY.

All public sessions are run for 3 hours (unless otherwise discussed) to allow for sufficient painting time. The 3 hour allocated time is not painting time total - this will include time for settling in, drying breaks between steps and clean down and photos at the end of the session. 


Session times are strict and we are unable to offer extensions or additional time if you have not finished your painting. We run our sessions to a schedule and will do our best to ensure everyone has sufficient time to finish their paintings and have their paintings dry by departure time, as well as to clean down and for photos at the end. We ask that you also be mindful and respectful of our schedule and follow along to the timeline, as best as possible. 

4. Ticketing

There is no ticketing system in place and you will not be sent any physical tickets - just arrive at the session with your booking name, total number of seats booked and reference number and a member of our team will seat your group and yourself.

5. Seating Arrangements

Seating will be strictly allocated for our public sessions.


If your group is booking altogether, you will automatically be arranged to be seated together. However, if your group members are booking separately, please notify us in the 'Add A Note' section of the checkout page or email us directly at, with a minimum of 48 hours notice so we can rearrange the seating plan to accomodate your group.


We kindly request that you only sit where the team has directed you at the session, as rearranging seating causes major delay to the session and our other customers. 

6. Inclusions

The price covers 3 hours in the studio reserved, painting equipment including an apron, a take home canvas, glassware for your drinks and an instructor to guide you through the painting session. 


We are strictly BYO and do not sell or supply any alcohol, drinks or food at our studios and sessions.

You are welcome to bring along any drinks and snacks of your choice, however we ask that you eat and drink in moderation and be mindful of other customers also in the session.


There are plenty of bottle shops and restaurants around our studio for you to purchase drinks and food from. Food deliveries to the studio also welcome, however these MUST be made after your arrival as we are unable to accept deliveries on your behalf.

7. We are not a fine arts studio or an intensive arts course

Our studio is solely based on the premises of having fun and tackling the very basics of painting. Therefore, we may not be able to offer a full tutorial on painting techniques and only provide basic painting materials (canvas, paintbrushes, paint, water jar and apron). 

Additionally, our equipment, including paint brushes and easels, are commonly shared and may not be in perfect condition. If you have any issues, please let our team know and we can swap out your equipment. We ask that you treat and use our equipment respectfully and be mindful for future uses. 

The actual model painting at time of event, and the overall tutorial, will vary in colour and technique to inspire creativity and the model painting is only used as a guide to help you achieve your masterpiece. You will find it is very difficult to replicate a model painting exactly and this is not the ultimate goal of our studio - we want you to be creative, have fun with painting and add your own flair to your artwork.


8. Clothing/messiness/spills

As we are a painting studio after all and sometimes things get messy or accidents happen, we are not responsible for any paint spills/splashes that may end up on your clothing/personal items.


Please wear comfortable clothing so you can sit on a stool for 3 hours and that you do not mind getting some paint on in case of accidents.


9. Guest Behaviour

Please be considerate of our environment and drink responsibly. Any person deemed intoxicated and disruptive will be asked to leave the premises and will be held liable for any damages.

Please be respectful to other customers and our team. Anyone deemed offensive or conducting inappropriate behaviour will be required to leave the premises.

10. Cancellations and late arrivals

We have a very strict cancellation policy in place, due to high expenses and operational costs. 

If you are required to cancel your booking, please give us as much notice as possible by sending a direct email to We do not accept cancellations over phone or social media. 

There are strictly no refunds for cancellations, however we will offer you a credit note for the cancelled seats.
If we are not notified of event cancellation or cancelled seats in writing, we are unable to offer credit notes, and the payment will be forfeited

If you are expecting to be late to the session or if part of your group will be late, please let the team know, via SMS to 0452 065 650 or on your arrival to the event, the total number of late attendees and their expected arrival time so we can plan and make adjustments to the session schedule - unfortunately, we are unable to offer extended time to the session end.


Please note and respect that we may not be able to continue waiting and delay the session start time, as we need to ensure the majority of attendees can finish their paintings before session end/departure.

If you are late to the event, we ask that you please respect the other attendees and promptly settle in so our team can catch you up, with minimal disruption to the session flow. Please note, if attendees are more than 2 hours late to a session, we are unable to allow you to paint and your payment will be forfeited, as the time remaining does not allow for a completed and dry painting by session end. 

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