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Sydney’s latest fun destination!

Forget trivia nights, forget karaoke, forget going to the pub or the movies or chilling on the couch in front of the TV/Netflix, come to our studio for painting with a twist! 


Public session pricing is $55.00 per person and includes:
3 hours in the studio

All required painting equipment, including apron

A take home 40cm x 50cm canvas


One of our fun and bubbly instructors to help you through the session.

All public sessions in our 'Calendar and Bookings' are noted with an image of the painting, the location and event time, as well as the $55.00pp pricing and other important event information.

Any session noted with "Private Event", a specific pricing and/or has a name attached to the event are not available for public bookings.

Please note, there is no difference between the studios, other than their physical locations, and they are located within 3 minutes walk of each other. The nature and the running of the sessions between each studio are all run in a similar fashion and both studios provide the exact same amenities. 

Additionally, we are NOT a fine arts studio and our equipment are commonly used for all sessions, so we may not have specific painting equipment available e.g. specific brush sizes or particular styles of brushes. We also ask guests to be mindful of this fact and use our equipment respectfully so they can be reused by others. 

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